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Past and Current Projects

White Sands Research and Developers, LLC

Designed Components Used in sounding rocket center of gravity testing.

Excedere LLC

Designed, produced, tested and evaluated a vertical axis turbine prototype for mobile and static use.

Customer Evaluation:

As a self-funded inventor/entrepreneur, I needed professional engineering services to develop Version 3 of my patented vertical axis wind/water turbine device. I was referred to Morgrim, LLC of Las Lunas, NM, and quickly determined that they would be the correct choice for further development of V3. They created a clear proposal that outlined the nature of their work, the costs that would be involved with their services, and a time-line for completion of an agreement. Also, we agreed to have, at a minimum, weekly meetings (which were never missed) to ensure that communication occurred (1) to review progress and (2) to discuss any problems that might arise as the project moved forward. Once V3 was completed, they actively participated in the wind-tunnel testing and data analysis which occurred at New Mexico State University. In short, the quality of their work, their level of professionalism, and their unquestionable integrity is such that I can only give my highest recommendation to anyone else who might be considering hiring Morgrim, LLC. 

Robert West

Excedere LLC

Turbine Project Example

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